About Us


GERALD CONSULTANTS a wholly Zambian owed company which has been in existence since 2006 specialized in Debt collection, Legal consultancy, business and commissioner of oaths it was established in 2006 by the registrar of companies and has since been recognized and certified by the High court of Zambia as a private consultancy firm and bailiffs and all relevant authorities in Zambia. Ever since, GERALD CONSULTANTS has been committed to provide its services to its clients in a very efficient and cost effective manner.


At GERALD CONSULTANTS our strategic direction is to add value to our clientele base in that we have qualified and experienced work force thereby enabling us to handle contracts of any size we aim at adding value to our clients and ensure business growth thereby contributing directly to the growth of the Zambian economy.


Our vision is to make our firm a centre of excellence for Legal consultancy, debt collection and business consultancy.


To provide comprehensive Legal Consultancy, debt collection and business consultancy services that are tailored to meet needs of our clients in a manner that guaranties mutual satisfaction. We pay individual attention to all the details in the process of meeting the requirements of every   client that calls for our services. Clients are at the center of our   attention, so we provide personalized service for each client.